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Our main products are pallet wood and sawfalling construction timbers

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25+ Years Of Experience

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About LDV

Experience and leadership

Established in 1992, we are sawn timber export company characterized by local private capital, competence grown through many years of experience, and vast international network of cooperation. As one of the industry leaders in Latvia, we collaborate with more than 100 regional sawmills, ensuring flexible delivery in wide-range sawn timber products.

The company is headed by Founder, CEO and Sales Director, Mr. Pērs Sterniņš. Virtually whole LDV team has great experience in timber business for 30 years now. LDV is one of the initiators and active members of Latvian Timber Producers and Exporters Association (1998), which, between the other activities, has also proudly hosted the largest industry event in the world – The 66th International Softwood Conference (2018).

Global scale

LDV export markets are in the countries of European Economic Area, North Africa, Middle and Far East, Persian Gulf, South and Southeast Asia. Altogether we have been in business with the clients from more than 50 countries all around the globe. Sales for the past ten years are reaching about 40000 m3 of sawn timbers per annum with an average annual turnover of about 8 million euros. This is including overseas trade volume of 800-1000 40 ft containers per annum.

Latvian wood

Latvia is one of the greenest countries in Europe. Still expanding, native, well managed woodlands cover about 3.4 million hectares or more than half of the country. Due to mild, but still nordic, climate, wood is relatively slow grown. Latvian timbers of all different species are known for high durability and outstanding quality. The annual growth of Latvian forests comprises about 20 million m 3 of wood. Of the harvested timber (about 12 million m3/annum) about 35% is pine, 15% spruce, 30% birch, 20% alder and aspen.



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